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Spencer Stuart

Q3 2019, Issue 3

Insights on Board Effectiveness

Spencer Stuart’s Board Governance Quarterly brings you insights and research on the governance trends affecting your boardroom.

We hope you’ll find analysis and ideas for enhancing the effectiveness of your board and staying ahead of new developments in governance. In this issue, we are focusing on board effectiveness. Nearly all of S&P 500 companies (98%) report conducting a board assessment, and individual director evaluations are gaining traction. Forty-four percent (44%) of S&P 500 companies — up from 38% last year and 22% 10 years ago — report having some form of individual director evaluations. Here are some recent insights for improving the effectiveness of your board.

Beyond “check the box”

How can boards use their annual assessment process to measure effectiveness, drive refreshment and raise performance — and get real value out of board assessments?

TK Kerstetter interviewing George Anderson on Board Effectiveness

Spencer Stuart’s George Anderson on board effectiveness strategies.

Finding the Right Fit: Assessing First-Time Candidates for Non-Executive Directors

A growing number of first-time directors are being appointed to boards, We provide a framework to help boards assess the readiness of a new director.

CII Research and Education Fund | Board Evaluation Disclosure

The CII Research and Education Fund (CII-REF), a Council of Institutional Investors (CII) subsidiary, issued a Guide to Disclosure of Board Evaluation Processes highlighting best practices. The report focuses on seven aspects of disclosure that investors highly value.

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